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10 Awesome Tips for Taking Pictures on iPhone | Just for you.
3 years ago

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10 Awesome Tips for Taking Pictures on iPhone | Just for you. 10 Awesome Tips for Taking Pictures on iPhone | Just for you.

10 Awesome Tips for Taking Pictures on iPhone | Just for you.

Photographing your #iPhone is an easy process. Nonetheless, if you wish to increase it, test these simple tips to get the most out of your shots. #Apple iPhone is the world's most popular and better camera with every new software and hardware update. Photos with an iPhone is a very straightforward process. Consider these simple tips to push your iPhone picture to a new level.

10 Awesome Tips for Taking Pictures on iPhone

1. Use The Live Photos

Live Photos was launched on iPhone 6s in 2015 and allows you to take pictures that come to your attention alive. The pictures, taken with a compatible tool, capture both movement and sound in 1.5 seconds before and after a snapshot. Although many view Live Photos at best as gimmicky, that's not the case. You don't risk anything by using the setting as you take Live Photos just like traditional photos. You can switch off live photos on specific images during post-processing. They're going to go back to normal pictures in doing so.

2. Use The Portrait Mode

The portrait mode on your iPhone, available on your iPhone 7 Plus and later, provides a vivid depth-of-field effect on any image. You can make a picture that keeps the subject clear and blurs the background. You can do this. You can attach lights to your picture and take a selfie from there (with the iPhone X and later) in the Portrait mode. You can perhaps better change the background level blur and the sensitivity of the post-processing portrait lighting effects in Portrait mode on the iPhone. Select Portrait in the Camera app to get started.

3. Use the Volume Up Button

When iPhones get heavier, it has been harder for the camera to press the shutter button. But don't worry, you can also use your iPhone's Volume Up Button to take a picture. The Volume Up button on your connected earphones will also snap a photo, just like the Camera app on Apple Watch.

4. Use the Shortcut

The lock screen on your iPhone has an easily accessible Camera shortcut button. Use this to ensure that you can take the best shot at a time. To open the Camera app from the lock screen, you can also swipe left.

5. Set the Timer

For a long time, the app has an integrated timer after preparing you for the perfect shot. You can limit the time to 3 or 10 seconds in iOS 13. You'll see the numbers showing on the screen as they count down once you push the time button.

6. 3D Touch and Haptic Touch

Late generation iPhones have either a 3D Touch or a Haptic Touch installed. Both offer shortcuts when you hit an app icon on your iPhone Home. The Camera app offers a variety of shortcuts, including selfie, video recording, portrait taking and portrait selfie. Just tap the shortcut that you want to start with.

7. Learn to Use Filters

Sometimes adding filter and effects is required to create the perfect picture. During post-processing, you can use these tools. To date, Apple has been providing 10 filters through the Photos app. Tap a photo in the Photos app to get started. From the top right, tap Edit, then pick the button Filter. Pick the filter next.

8. Use the Rule of Thirds

Professionals also render pictures using the Rule of Thirds. This means that your shot is separated mentally by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. In this way you break along these lines the most significant elements of your scene. Through visiting the Settings app on your iPhone, you can add a grid to the Camera app. Tap Camera from there and tap Grid.

9. Check Out Third-Party Apps

Throughout recent years, the native camera and the Photos app on the iPhone have been introduced by Apple to many great features. At the same time, the App Store has a long list of extremely good third-party apps for a spin. Such technologies carry to the table various things, including special effects and filters, advanced editing tools and more. Select one that has been well received in the App Store and hopefully for many a long time, when selecting a third-party app. Be aware that many apps that relate to photos provide in-app shopping for advanced features. Depending on the number of extras, these are usually costly.

Among the third-party apps that come recommended include Camera+ 2, DSLR Camera, Hipstamatic X, and Snapseed.

10. When in Doubt, Join the Academy

Most talented photographers are never sponsored by the iPhone and other smartphones. Perhaps this was so years ago, but today, with its rapidly evolving hardware and advanced software tools, smartphone cameras are better than ever before. If you are looking for more information, you can learn much more about iPhoneography tips and tutorials online through subscription to the iPhone Photography Academy.

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