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10 Best Android Apps To Clone Apps And Run Multiple Accounts For 2020.
3 years ago

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10 Best Android Apps To Clone Apps And Run Multiple Accounts For 2020. 10 Best Android Apps To Clone Apps And Run Multiple Accounts For 2020.

10 Best Android Apps To Clone Apps And Run Multiple Accounts For 2020.

You may be very conscious of clone applications if you use a #Android #smartphone for a while. Android users use clone software extensively to generate accurate copies of any app. You're never going to know when you need a clone app exactly. Each day like #WhatsApp, #Facebook #Messenger, etc. we used instant message apps, for example. These applications require a phone number and do not allow multiple parallel accounts to be installed and executed.

So, you have to consider App cloners or clone apps if you want to use multiple accounts simultaneously. Many app cloners are available in the Google Play Store, and we listed a few in this article. So, let's look at Android's best clone apps.

1. Parallel Space

Parallel Space is one of Google Play Store's best-class Android app clones. Parallel Space basically can create a clone version of popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and others. You can therefore use these clone versions to connect with various accounts.

2. Dual Space

Dual space is quite similar to the Parallel space mentioned on the post. Like Parallel Space, Dual Space also provides an official clone application You can use the same app on your Android smartphone for multiple accounts.

3. Dr.Clone

Dr. Clone is another popular app cloner, the Google Play Store parallel accounts app. Dr. Clone also allows users to sign into two app accounts, as do all other application cloners. Guess what, huh? A cloned version of almost all popular games can be developed by Dr. Clone. So Dr. Clone is another best app cloner you should take into consideration.

4. Multi

Multi is one of the best Android multi-account applications on the Google Play Store. Multi's great thing is its tidy and cool interface. Multi supports most common Android apps and provides users an option for locking privacy.

5. 2Accounts

2Accounts is, as the app's name says, one of the best Android applications to run two simultaneous accounts for the same app. You can also open two-game Google Play accounts with 2Accounts and at the same time experience both of these accounts. So, 2Accounts is another great app cloner that you can now use.

6. Super Clone

Super Clone is another fantastic Android app for cloning apps and running multiple accounts. Super Clone is great because it can clone almost every popular app such as Instagram, Clash of Clan, WhatsApp, etc. So you need to select the Super Clone if you're looking for an Android app to switch between multiple social and game account.

7. MoChat

Compared with the other two listed in the article, MoChat's a bit different. MoChat enables users to clone and operate online social and gaming accounts. MoChat can clone social media and instant messaging applications only. Besides, it only requires 6 MB of storage to install on your Android smartphone, which makes the user more interested.

8. Multi Apps

If you're looking to create a clone version of installed apps via a simple Android application, then it's likely that the multi-apps will be the best choice. You can clone and run multiple social and game accounts of the same app simultaneously with Multi Apps. Multi apps therefore, is another best app for your Android smartphone to use.

9. Parallel U

Parallel U is another top-class Android app cloner that has a list of popular apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, etc. The Parallel U interface is also very good, and does not affect your device's performance.

10. DO Multiple Space

DO Multiple Space is another best feature for your Android Smartphone for multi-account and cloner use. You can create multiple instances of the same apps simultaneously with DO Multiple Space. It also provides a private locker for the safety of your cloned devices and accounts.


Images ©: Google.

Source: techviral.

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