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10+ Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad Of 2020
1 year ago

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10+ Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad Of 2020 10+ Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad Of 2020

10+ Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad Of 2020

As we talk of #iPhones, these smart devices overpower the smartphones in the gadget. If you've been using an iPhone for a while, you will know that there are many important features in the iPhone's inventory keyboard. Fortunately, with #keyboard applications, you can improve your typing experience on the iPhone. On the Apple app store you can find plenty of the #iOS keyboard applications that provide you with a special typing experience.

We have decided in this article to share a list of your iOS device's best keyboard apps. You will get the best typing experience ever with these keyboard apps. So, let's look at iPhone's best 2020 keyboard apps.

10+ Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad Of 2020

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is fun iPhone #2020 keyboard feature that you can now use. Bitmoji is best because it provides everything you need for your typing needs. Bitmoji has everything from text suggestions to auto-predict. But the keyboard app is more emoji-focused, and it offers lots of moods for you. So, Bitmoji is one of the best app for emoji on your iPhone.

2. Swiftkey Keyboard

The Swiftkey Keyboard is one of the most popular and best apps on your iOS device. The app is widely used by Android users and offers some unique features. Best of all, the auto-correct function of the SwiftKey keyboard detects and fixes mistyphones. The best thing about the SwiftKey iPhone keyboard is its emoji prediction, which predicts the best emojis automatically.


FancyKey is for users who are looking for a keyboard application with endless customisation options, as its name says. FancyKey provides users with many personalization possibilities that change their typing experience. More than 100 fonts and 50 + themes are supplied by FancyKey. Apart from that, FancyKey is also known for its smart self-prediction and self-correct feature.

4. Fleksy

Fleksy is another popular keyboard app that is available on the iOS app store. The app claims that it can help you improve your typing ability. Apart from that, Fleksy also offers users multiple themes to choose from. Not just that, but Fleksy also offers users gifs and stickers that can be used on various social networking sites. Fleksy is also one of the first iPhone keyboard apps to have gesture typing.

5. Blink Keyboard

Blink Keyboard is one of the best iPhone keyboard apps you can use right now. The app does not offer users lots of personalization possibilities, but the app is distinguished from the crowd by its features. iOS Blink Keyboard has an advanced self-correction tool that corrects any mistypes effectively. Blink Keyboard's other characteristics include one h gesture support.

6. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is another useful iOS keyboard app that every user would love to have. The great thing about Grammarly Keyboard is that it offers a few unique features that can improve both your typing and grammar skills. The keyboard app for iOS automatically detects mistypes and shows you the correct word. Not just that, but Grammarly Keyboard also corrects the grammatical errors, and it shows a brief explanation of every correction.

7. ReBoard Keyboard

ReBoard Keyboard might be the best pick for you If you are looking for a simple looking and easy to use keyboard app for your iOS device. The great thing about ReBoard Keyboard is that it offers 27 built-in apps to boos your multitasking efficiency. These 27 different apps can perform various tasks like searching for products on Amazing, Share files, access cloud storage, etc.

8. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

If you are searching for an iOS Keyboard app that offers users lots of GIF, then GIF Keyboard by Tenor might be the best pick for you. The great thing about GIF Keyboard by Tenor is that it allows users to search for a GIF, explore categories, and save them to use on chat. So, GIF Keyboard by Tenor is another best iOS GIF keyboard app on the list that you can consider.

9. RainbowKey

RainbowKey is pretty much similar to the Go Keyboard app that has been listed in the article. The best thing about RainbowKey is that it offers users thousands of keyboard themes to choose from. Not just that, but RainbowKey also offers users multiple backgrounds, key design, fonts, effects, and sounds. So, RainbowKey is definitely the best iPhone keyboard app that you can use right now.

10. Better Fonts

Better Fonts might be the best pick for you If you are searching for an iPhone keyboard app that would allow you to type in fancy and funky font. Guess what? Better Fonts offers users a wide range of fonts types to type. After installing the app, users just need to tap on the F button to select the font and start typing. So, Better Fonts is another best iOS keyboard app that you can use today.

11. FlickType Keyboard

You need to give FlickType Keyboard a try if you are searching for an iOS keyboard app that’s designed to be as accessible as possible. Guess what? FlickType Keyboard app features large keys, highly readable visuals announcements, high-contrast color themes, and much more.

12. Color Keyboard

Color Keyboard is an app for the creation of colorful keyboard themes and for changing backgrounds. You can easily personalize colors, keyboard colors and fonts of the button using the Color Keyboard. In the landscape mode, additional buttons can also be allocated by color keyboard. So, Color Keyboard is another top iPhone 2020 keyboard apps you can use.

13. Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard is a top iOS app you can use at this very moment. The keyboard is known for its intelligent prediction of the following phrase. Automatically flash Keyboard adapts to the logical next word in your typing style. In addition, Flash Keyboard also allows users to personalize the appearance of your keyboard in a broad range of themes.

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Young sgold
1 year ago
1 year ago
All of the keyboard is best but mine is blink keyboard

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