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3 Ways To Turn Off Your Samsung S10.
1 year ago

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3 Ways To Turn Off Your Samsung S10. 3 Ways To Turn Off Your Samsung S10.

3 Ways To Turn Off Your Samsung S10.

In comparison, #Samsung made the switch off your phone with its Galaxy S20 series a little tougher than most #Android smartphones. Whether it's time to disconnect or you need to shut it down and turn it on again to resolve an issue, here is how you can turn off your Galaxy S20 using the power menu.

By example, the power button of Samsung Galaxy S20 is the' main key,' a multi-functional button. Normally, a simple tap of the botton turns off your screen, but the power menu does not appear with a long press. It triggers Samsung's Bixby voice assistant instead.

So, here we ate going show you a couple of ways on how do you turn off a Galaxy S20, Read on.

Turn Off Your Samsung S10, See How To.

1. Tap the Power Menu icon in the notification shade

The first of three methods to access  the Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra power menu is the app button in the notification center. This menu opens by swiping down from the top of the phone, and you can see a power button icon at the right corner. When you tap this, the power menu will appear.

2. Long-press side key & volume down

The second option here is by default, just long-press the power button down and the volume down simultaneously. It will usually take a screenshot, but Samsung changed it and now it opens the Power menu instead.

3. Change the ‘Side Key’ function

Eventually, the function of the side key can only be changed. You can choose the long press feature for that button between triggering Bixby and pulling up the power menu. To do that, just head to Settings> Advanced Features> Side Key.

Also know that, if you choose the button to trigger the power menu, you have just disable access to Bixby immediately, so whenever you long press the button it will bring up the power menu, not the Bixby.

Images : pocket-lint.

Source: 9to5Google.

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3 Ways To Turn Off Your Samsung S10.

7th March 2020
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