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All Google's April Fools Day Jokes are canceled. 
1 year ago

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All Google's April Fools Day Jokes are canceled.  All Google's April Fools Day Jokes are canceled. 

All #Google's April Fools Day Jokes are canceled. No-one is in the mood for jokes.

This year, after the #coronavirus pandemic, Google is apparently canceling all of its April fool's Day Jokes. April Fool's Day jokes can be a tradition not to escape the context this year. According to an internal email from the business insider, Google worries that pranks will appear in bad taste.

“This year, we’re going to take the year off from that tradition out of respect for all those fighting the #COVID-19 pandemic,” said Google Marketing Director Lorraine Twohill in an e-¹ addressed to Google managers. “Our highest goal right now is to be helpful to people, so let’s save the jokes for next April, which will undoubtedly be a whole lot brighter than this one.”

Twohill has also reportedly asked managers to break any of the small jokes planned for April Fools in their departments. No doubt other technology companies will follow this Google’s action.

Images ©: the inspiration room.

Source: wersm.

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Replies (1)

Young sgold
1 year ago
1 year ago
Google will get reason for no April fool again but the things was paining me

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