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Best 10 Android Messenger Apps That You Can Use Now
3 years ago

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Best 10 Android Messenger Apps That You Can Use Now Best 10 Android Messenger Apps That You Can Use Now

Best 10 Android Messenger Apps That You Can Use Now

There is a wide range of choices available on the Google Play Store when it comes to instant messaging apps. Instant messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc were popular and they also support file sharing.

In this article, we will discuss Best 10 Android Messenger Apps, With these apps, you can exchange messages, files, etc over the internet.

Best 10 Android Messenger Apps

1. WhatsApp

The most popular instant message app for Android is WhatsApp, there should be no further introduction. The Android Instant Messaging app allows users to exchange text, make voice / video calls, share files and other information. Besides that, the new WhatsApp edition also has a dark mode.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a bit different from Viber and WhatsApp, as it's talking to friends with your Facebook account. Essentially, Facebook Messenger is a messaging app, voice and video calls can also be made. In addition it also allows file sharing, so its is also one of the best Android messaging Apps.

3. Skype

Skype is intended primarily for video and voice, but it also supports Messages. Skype gives users the option of selecting a valid telephone number. You must purchase a call pack by charging a nominal fee after receiving a actual phone number. You can use your phone number for direct telephone calls and videos.

4. Telegram

When you value privacy, Telegram may be the best choice for you. The symmetrical AES encryption on Telegram was secured for every conversation. In addition it facilitates cross-platform collaboration, group chats, GIFs, stickers, etc. So telegram is also one of the best messaging app for Android.

5. Viber

Viber resembles WhatsApp pretty much. Viber will also create your account by using the phone number. After the phone number has been registered with Viber, it synchronizes automatically. You can share text messages or make voice calls on Viber. In addition, Viber also got support for Sticker and GIF.

6. WeChat

WeChat is both a social media application and an instant messaging app. New friends from all over the world will be made here. Sure, it supports video and text chats with friends. Besides, you can also read news, play games and pay mobile bills.

7. Signal Private Messenger

The Signal Private Messenger is quite like the telegram. It supports text message, video, speech, etc. In addition, it has a message feature that deletes messages sent automatically when you read them.

8. Confide

Confide is one of today's best instant messaging applications. The app is designed for people who are very serious about privacy and safety. All messages that you send and receive were end to end encrypted. In fact, the messages you send vanish automatically when read.

9. Hike

This is another best Android messaging app that can be used on your Android. Hike supports file and text chats and has a unique feature called HikeMoji. In principle, HikeMoji is a feature where the application generates an avatar when you take a selfie.

10. LINE

LINE is one of the high-ranking messaging apps that you can use in Android on Google Play Store. LINE provides more functionality to consumers, With the Android Messaging App, consumers can exchange text messages, make voice / video calls. It also supports group video calls, which can link up to 20 people simultaneously. LINE, therefore, is another of the best messaging apps.

So, above are the 10 best instant messaging apps if you think we've any other related app, let us know in the comment session.


Images ©:Google.

Source: techviral.

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