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Best 10 Apps To Locate Your friends And Family
3 years ago

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Best 10 Apps To Locate Your friends And Family Best 10 Apps To Locate Your friends And Family

Best 10 Apps To Locate Your friends And Family

Nowadays, The ability to find a real-time location is one of the most important features of advanced technology. Each smartphone now has a GPS feature that can be used to locate anyone on earth. Not only you can find your current location with such apps, but you can also collect your friends or family location information.

Everyone who is worried about the well-being of their families should use location tracking apps. Since Android smartphones can already locate a location and find other smartphones, it's a family locator app that you need. It should be known that the Google Play Store provides loads of family locator apps, which are not possible to list at all. We have therefore listed only the free ones in this list. Let's dig into the list of Android's best Family locator apps.

Android Apps To Locate Your friends And Family

1. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Family Locator – GPS Tracker is one of Google Play Store's best Android family locator software. The app helps you to stay connected to the most important people. You need to only build a private community and add your loved ones on Family Locator–GPS Tracker. Once added, you can view the real-time location of the members.

2. ZoeMob Family Locator

ZoeMob Family Locator is one of Google Play Store's best and top-quality family locator software. You can share your real time location information with your friends and family with ZoeMob Family Locator. In addition to location sharing, ZoeMob Family Locator provides a family messenger which can be used to chat without any costs with friends and families.

3. Family Locator by Fameelee

Family Locator by Fameelee is a relatively new and powerful family locator app available from the Google Play Store. You can share your location in real time with your friends right on the map with Family Locator by Fameelee. You only need circles and add friends to share locations. The great thing is that Fameelee Family Locator will build infinite circles for users. Family Locator by Fameelee provides private and group chat features for users also to stay connected with circle members.

4. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is one of the best and high-quality Google Play Store location sharing applications. You will find your friends right on the map in real time with Find My Friends. Not only that, but also through Find My Friends, you can share your own location with your friends. Find My Friends also has a chat tool that allows users to connect with others.

5. Glympse

If you are searching for a fast, free and easy way to use your Android smartphone location sharing application then Glympse could be the best choice for you. Check what? What? You can not only share your real time location with Glympse, you can also create events. The app is widely known in the Google Play Store and is the best family locator app for you.

6. Sygic Family Locator

We think you need to try Sygic Family Locator when you are searching for the full-fledged, family locator app for your Android smartphone that has a couple of extraordinary features. In addition to sharing of location, Sygic Family Locator offers users an SOS. In an emergency, the SOS feature automatically shares the live location.


7. Google Family Link for parents

Google Family Link for Parents is one of the top rated family locator and parental control devices you can use right now. The best thing about Google Family Link for parents it that it has everything that you need to guide your kids to good content. With Google Family Link for parents, you can view your kid’s activity, track app usage, etc. Apart from that, the app can also be used to track the live location of your kid’s smartphone.

8. My Family

My Family is another new Android family locator app available from the Google Play Store. It's a family safety and parental control app You can easily track the actual location of other phones with my family. My Family can also be used to check the history of surfing, app usage, activity data, etc. of other phones.

9. FamilyWall

if you need an Android app to coordinate your family and keep everybody in the loop, FamilyWall is probably the most suitable solution for you. You can create To - Do lists, shopping lists and more with FamilyWall. FamilyWall also offers real-time location tracking as well. Thus, FamilyWall is another best Android 2019 family locator app.

10. All Tracker Family

All Tracker family is essentially a parental control software for sharing live locations. Since its a parental control app, you can expect few parental control features as well as screen monitoring, app monitoring, etc. In addition, both trackers can also be used to track the incoming and outgoing of any other smartphone's SMS / calls.

Images ©: Google.

Source: techviral.

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