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Best 5 Home Security Apps For Android That You Can Use Now.
3 years ago

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Best 5 Home Security Apps For Android That You Can Use Now. Best 5 Home Security Apps For Android That You Can Use Now.

Best 5 Home Security Apps For Android That You Can Use Now.

CCTV security cameras are one of the most innovative things people have ever done. These cameras can protect your home, business, etc. against serious threats such as theft and robbery.

Almost every business now uses CCTV cameras and it’s one of the important things that everyone should consider. However, CCTV security cameras can be expensive and not everyone can afford security cameras. So, if the budget is what restricts you from installing CCTV cameras at home or business, then you can use your Android device.

You can transform it into a security camera if you've got an old Android device. You must use a few security camera applications that we mentioned below in order to turn your Android into a security camera. Let's then take a look at Android 2020's best home security features.

Home Security Apps For Android

1. Presence

You might be best suited for presence if you want the best home security app for your Android device. Like every other home security application presence also allows users to capture and stream live recordings from both devices. The best thing about Presence is that it is free to use and has no purchase in-app.

2. AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera is a great security app for Android that every Android user requires. AtHome is perfect because almost all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux etc. have access to this app. Two devices are required in the Android apps–one in the recording and the other in the live stream. Not only this, you can watch up to 4 cameras simultaneously using the AtHome Camera.

3. WardenCam

WardenCam operates on the Internet even at low speed. WardenCam is perfectly functional in 3G, 4G and WiFi. WardenCam features multi-camera configuration, cloud storage support, motion and alerts, etc. It isn't a free app, however, and consumers will pay a monthly subscription plan

4. IP Webcam

IP Webcam is another popular Android home security app. It turns your device into a remote camera, the most exciting thing about IP webcam is. Some ads appear in this app, and videos can be saved in real time. The app's support for the VLC player is more interesting, On the VLC media player, IP Webcam can show live video streams.

5. Salient Eye

Salient Eye is one of the most popular Android security camera app on the Google Play Store list. Salient Eye is capable of turning your Android device into a monitoring system. Simply put your Android device anywhere after setting up the Salient Eye and everything will be recorded Interestingly Salient Eye can also take pictures and sound an alarm in order to scare intruders.

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