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Did You Know Chrome 79 will let you know if anybody stole your passwords?
3 years ago

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Did You Know Chrome 79 will let you know if anybody stole your passwords? Did You Know Chrome 79 will let you know if anybody stole your passwords?

Did You Know Chrome 79 will let you know if anybody stole your passwords?

A few weeks after the Chrome 78 was released, #Google announces the release of Chrome 79 on a blog post. The new version has lots of new features, including improved phishing security, and an ability to (finaly) save #RAM from your device. At first, 51 security flaws in its web browser have been found by Mountain View.

An extension has been installed in recent months that enables you to install #Chrome Password Checkups. The device checks the Google Account credentials and passwords. You will be informed if your username is compromised. The Safe Browsing Security Pack now incorporates this security system directly into your web browser. Google is taking the opportunity to enhance the execution of this phishing defense. You can now get a real warning from your app if your credentials are obtained on a phishing website or if malware infects you.

Chrome 79 is especially distinguished by a feature called “tab freezing”. The option will prevent all tabs that have remained in the background for more than 5 minutes from performing any task. Not surprisingly, this precaution saves the RAM and the battery of your PC. Google specifies that this option is disabled for tabs that broadcast videos or music. That’s not all. Google also takes the opportunity to add an experimental shared clipboard to Chrome.

The option makes it easy to share text from an Android smartphone to your computer. For that, it is enough that both devices are connected to the same Google account. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet deployed to all users. Google is obviously doing a final test before the deployment in the final version. The desktop version of Chrome is now available for download on Windows, Chrome, Mac, and Linux directly from the Google website. The Android and iOS versions should be updated in the coming days.


Images ©: Google.

Source: Gizchina.

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