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Download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android |See How To.
3 years ago

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Download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android |See How To. Download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android |See How To.

Download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android |See How To.

A month before they're released to the general public, the new features of #WhatsApp appear in the beta version. You can download the WhatsApp beta update if you want to be the first to check the new WhatsApp functionality.

Generally, a new feature takes around a month to hit the public build from the beta user. That's the case with the dark mode, and any new feature or UI update that is on the way to the beta channel by WhatsApp. You can always download the test application if you are unwilling to wait for a specific feature to go live on the public channel.

WhatsApp runs on the Play Store an official beta program, which is over a year and doesn't take new beta testers. Alternatively, you can sideload and install the latest beta APK. I shall show you how to do that below, but you must backup your WhatsApp messages and media before you start, so that you don't lose your chats in case anything bad happens.

How To Download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android

1. On your phone, Open any web browser and type apkmirror.com.

2. Now, Hit the Search box on the top right corner, type WhatsApp beta and hit go.

3. There, Tap the Download button next to the WhatsApp Messenger beta listing.

Now in the Download section, select the build number once again.

4. Then Tap Download APK to start the downloading.

5. Once downloaded, Tap Open.

Allow your browser to install apps if you haven't do it already.

6. Once you've allowed it, Tap Install to install the latest version of WhatsApp beta.

Don't forget to disable the setting that allows that browser to install unknown apps Once you're done installing WhatsApp. To do that, Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps -> the browser you used-> Toggle the setting to off.

If you don't want to be on the beta channel, no stress, all you need to do is uninstall the app and just download the official WhatsApp client from the Play Store.

If you have any issues concerning this, kindly let us know in the comment.

Images ©: pocket-lint.

Source: Androidcentral.

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Replies (1)

Young sgold
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow so amazing app i love ❣️

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