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Facebook Launches Creator Studio Mobile App
3 years ago

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Facebook Launches Creator Studio Mobile App Facebook Launches Creator Studio Mobile App

Facebook has now launched a Creator Studio mobile app on iOS and Android, after shifting importance to Creator Studio on the desktop.

Facebook has launched a new Creator Studio app to complement its Creator Studio desktop hub, and give creators and publishers around the globe a comparable experience and features.

Like its desktop equivalent, the app enables Page admins to manage their content and track their activities while connecting with their audiences. The difference is they can do it now from a mobile phone.

The arrival of Creator Studio on mobile means that admins can easily:

  • Use Rich Insights through data and feedback reports on how they execute their content. It includes valuable video metrics such as "1 Minute Views" and "Avg." Viewed minutes.
  • Make Post-Uploading Edits and Fixes. They have the ability to edit video titles and descriptions, delete and expire posts, publish written posts, and– perhaps more importantly– reschedule scheduled posts.
  • Connect with your Audiences: Admins can reach their Page fans and followers from anywhere in real time. They can do that by reading and responding directly to Facebook messages and comments via Inbox within the app.
  • Multi-Account Support: Admins can easily manage the transition between multiple Facebook pages from the same device in the same session. If you need to navigate multiple pages, there is no need to sign out and log in anymore.
  • Notifications: Fast in-app alerts for important milestones

Image Credit: Newslanded

Source: Wersm

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Replies (1)

Favour George
3 years ago
3 years ago
Yes people who cannot afford a good studio can start with dis app to perfect is or her voice

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