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Facebook releases Tool to delete ad-targeting third-party data
3 years ago

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Facebook releases Tool to delete ad-targeting third-party data Facebook releases Tool to delete ad-targeting third-party data

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in his blog post, which talks about giving users more power over privacy, Facebook has released the much-awaited Clear History Tool globally.

The Clear History tool is part of a new option named Off-Facebook activity in settings. The activity tool Off-Facebook lets the user know which third parties interact with their social network even when they do not use Facebook.

Facebook stated that different companies send Facebook information about a user's activities on their website and app, based on which users receive relevant Facebook advertisements. One can view the information through the Off-Facebook Event Tool and delete it from their account.

Originally, when the app was in the 2018 talks, it was to be called Clear History App, but Facebook felt the user might be confused by the name. One might mistake it for a tool on social media platform that removes their published data. The name given to the tool now clearly speaks of the type of data that will be discarded as an activity on Off-Facebook.

The name also distinguishes the systems of data collection and those of data sharing. Mobile data collection is not a major issue for users, but data sharing and how mobile fail to protect data is the root cause all users needed a tool such as the Off-Facebook activity application.

It's a well-known fact that user data is sold for free, ad-supported site service, the Off-Facebook behavior tool can allow users to limit their data usage.

According to the report, the Cambridge Analytica scandal on Facebook due to the leakage of data from around 87 million Facebook users has made the company create a tool through which the user can restrict the use of their data and remove the data from the history.

Source: Fossbytes

Image credit: The hackersnews, Google

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