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Facebook Stop Planning to Add ads to WhatsApp
1 year ago

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Facebook Stop Planning to Add ads to WhatsApp Facebook Stop Planning to Add ads to WhatsApp

Facebook Stop Planning to Add ads to WhatsApp

In #Facebook's extremely famous #WhatsApp messaging services, he "removes" from previous plans to sell ads for placement. In the last few months the team that had been creating WhatsApp advertisements was disbanded and their work "suppressed from WhatsApp code" according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reports that, eventually, Facebook also aims to incorporate ads into the status of WhatsApp, but the service is ad-free for now. WhatsApp, which it purchased in 2014 at a valuation of $22 billion, is part and parcel of what promptedWhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum to leave Facebook in 2018. His co-founder, BrianActon, has been a vocal critic of the unchecked power of Facebook since his exit, leaving months earlier (over similar issues related to privacy, target ads, etc.)

The blowback in publicity has instead led Facebook to concentrate on WhatsApp's functionality that will "enable businesses to communication with customers and coordinate those contacts according to Koum and Acton, which would push whatsApp to weaken end-to-end encryption by a commercial messaging method.

This has all happened, though, before last year's Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to slowly delete public posts from Facebook, the Whatsapp and Instagraph in favor of a single, encrypted messaging network. As the organization now discovers, it raises difficulties to add advertisements to an encrypted service.


images : Google.

Source: theverge.

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