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How to Auto-Delete Your YouTube History from Google
3 years ago

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How to Auto-Delete Your YouTube History from Google How to Auto-Delete Your YouTube History from Google

How to Auto-Delete Your YouTube History from Google

#Google adds new tools on the platform to help people handle their privacy online to help you remove the breadcrumbs. In May, the google added new controls in order to instantly erase the location and web activity. Last week Google announced even more privacy controls on your data. One of which lets you automatically clear your #YouTube viewing history.

How to Auto-Delete Your YouTube History from Google

You have to go to the Google Activity Controls to automatically delete your history. Launch your browser and head to the YouTube History page and log in with your Google account.

You are going to see two boxes. This indicates on the left whether or not YouTube History has been included. If you're here for the first time, it's probably on. And to the right is the box that helps you to auto-delete your history.

Since we want to make Google auto-delete YouTube history, 1️⃣ click the “Choose to delete automatically” link in the right-hand box.

In the box that comes up 2️⃣ select how long you want Google to keep you YouTube History. Currently, you can only choose to auto-delete it after three months or 18 months.

3️⃣ confirm your preference and moving forward, any search or watched or searched on YouTube that is older than three or 18 months will automatically be deleted.


4️⃣ On the final confirmation screen it will also display links to manage other Google data. Such as Location History, for example.


In this same section, you can stop your YouTube history from being saved at all.

1️⃣ On the YouTube History page click the “Change setting” link in the box on the right.

2️⃣ Then turn off the switch to pause your history from being saved. Here you can also check or uncheck whether your search history or watched videos is saved. For example, you might want your watched videos to be saved, but not your search history or vice versa.

3️⃣ Then in the box that comes up select switch and it's done.

Note that even if the data is deleted automatically, you can enter at any time and delete the data manually.

This is an ideal atmosphere for those who are discreet and want a little extra peace of mind. Or if you are a strong YouTube user and are reluctant for the last year to view the same suggested videos.


Source - Groovypost, Google

Images credit - Vocalb, Google

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