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How To Convert Your Whatsapp Voice Note To Text | Android And IOS.
3 years ago

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How To Convert Your Whatsapp Voice Note To Text | Android And IOS. How To Convert Your Whatsapp Voice Note To Text | Android And IOS.

How To Convert Your Whatsapp Voice Note To Text | Android And IOS.

Well, as we most likely know, everyone uses whatsApp. WhatsApp is the way to connect to everyone and enjoy different moments. You can even share your essential documents and do a lot of things we don't have to talk about.

Whatsapp supports voice chat and we all use it, but did you think about converting that voice to text? If yes, there is way way here.

You can convert your voice messages from WhatsApp to text messages. Will it be difficult? You can do that with the assistance of apps we discuss below. We have listed the apps supported by Android and iOS, so you don't need to worry about your phone operating system.

We'll explore how to turn voice messages into text in Android and iOS with the aid of apps. You don't have to mask it, but you can't understand others ' languages anyway.

Convert Your Whatsapp Voice Note To Text

It is to solve those problems and will help you to provide language interpretation. So let’s check out the apps used for converting WhatsApp voice messages to text. We have researched and founded the best apps for Android and iOS. So let’s check it out.

Using Transcriber for WhatsApp | Android

This one works for Android, so if you're using android and you want to turn your WhatsApp voices to text, you'll need this.

1: On your Android phone, Download and Install Transcriber for WhatsApp.

2: Then, Open the WhatsApp app and go to the chats of that person whom voice message you want to convert into a text message.

3: Once done, search for the voice message and long-press on it, click on the share button and share to Transcriber.

Agter this, the Transcriber app will automatically open and show you the text message.

Using Textr App | Android

This is also for Android users.

The process is just like Transcriber's, so we don't need to reapeat this, just look up there and do it as it was written there.

Using Audio To Text | iOS

This works for iOS, so if you're an ios user, you'll need this.

1: On your iPhone, Download and Install Audio To Text.

2: Now, open your WhatsApp app and search for the chats of the people and locate the exact voice.

3: Ater locating the voice, long tap on it and share to Audio To text.

4: Once you've shared, the app will automatically open and will show you the converted text message.

So we hope you like our tools and ways after passing through it. You can easily understand any of your voice messages by using these tools.

Images ©: Google.

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Replies (1)

3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow, this is what I've searching for, it'll really do me good.

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