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How to Delete Google Assistant History From Your Android Smartphone.
3 years ago

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How to Delete Google Assistant History From Your Android Smartphone. How to Delete Google Assistant History From Your Android Smartphone.

How to Delete Google Assistant History From Your Android Smartphone.

Security is now and should be the major concern. When we look around, we find people learn to be more aware of the type of personal information they provide online. At the same time, the technologies around us can not be dismissed easily. Smartphones now have a personal voice Assistant who can do several things, such as setting up an alarm, reading e-mails, etc. While personal or virtual helpers such as Google Assistant are very useful, because they help us become more efficient, you should keep one thing in mind when you're concerned about privacy.

#Google tracks all commands and activities requested by Google Assistants. These records are maintained by companies to improve the virtual assistant, but deep within us we are aware of how our information is used or misused.

The only good thing is that we are provided with an option by Google to eliminate all traces of our interaction with the virtual assistant. So in this article, we will share a working method, which will help you delete Google Assistant History from your Android phone.

Delete Google Assistant History From Your Android Smartphone.

This process really don't require third-party apps. Deep under the settings, the settings to remove history are hidden. So, let's look at how to erase Android history of Google Assistant.

1. On your Android phone, launch the Google App and tap on the ‘More’ option.

2. Next, tap on the ‘Settings’

3. Now, tap on the ‘Google Assistant’ Under the Settings,

4. Now you will see the account page. you need to tap on the ‘Your data in the assistant’ option.

Now you will see the recent activity. All activities have been listed under the ‘Your recent activity’ option.

5. Next, tap on the ‘Assistant Activity’ option.

You will be redirected to another page. There you will see your everyday Google Assistant activities.

6. Tap on the three dots and select ‘Delete’ to delete any particular activity,

If you want to delete activities by the day, tap on the delete icon.

If you want your activities to automatically delete, then you will tap on 'choose to delete automatically' and then choose the time they should be deleted and then tap 'Next'. for example if you choose 3 month, your activities will be deleted automatically after 3 month without giving you any stress. You can change this settings anytime.

It's as simple as that. We think this would help, if you have any question, kindly let us know in the comment session and don't forget to share.


Images : Vocalb.

Source: techviral.

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