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How to share your Wi-Fi with Android 10 QR Code
3 years ago

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How to share your Wi-Fi with Android 10 QR Code How to share your Wi-Fi with Android 10 QR Code

How to share your Wi-Fi with Android 10 QR Code

One of the more convenient new features on Android 10 is to share your Wi-Fi network credentials with only QR code. It makes it a simple affair to connect your friend to your router. It eliminates the tedious process of digging out the password each time someone comes across its secret hiding place.

See how the latest Wi-Fi sharing feature, now integrated in Android 10, can be used.

Let's say you've got friends over, everybody wants to play music or video on TV. But they all need a Wi-Fi password to connect first. With this ability to access your network credential via QR code, you'll have everyone playing very bad music in no time.

To do this, hold your finger on the Wi-Fi icon in the quick settings menu of your Android phone or tablet.

How to share your Wi-Fi with Android 10 QR Code

How to share your Wi-Fi with Android 10 QR Code

Tap the Settings symbol next to the name of the Wi-Fi connection you want to connect to. This will open a screen showing the main details of the connection.

Tap the Share icon and you'll be asked to verify that it's you. You can do this using your fingerprint, face, or other authentication method that you have enabled on your device.

Once authenticated, the Share Wi-Fi screen will generate a QR code for you. Then you can just move your phone around and everyone can scan it to connect to your network.

Note that the password will also be included on the screen. If someone has trouble connecting to a QR code, they can type it manually. That’s it! Now everyone can easily connect to the network and the party can start.

Android 10 likely doesn't feature many of its smartphones at the time of this writing, but it comes with many new useful features. It may not look like an earth-scattering function, but it is extremely convenient.


Source - Groovypost

Images credit - Google, Groovypost.

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