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How To Turn On The Telegram Passcode Lock Feature
9 months ago

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How To Turn On The Telegram Passcode Lock Feature How To Turn On The Telegram Passcode Lock Feature

How To Turn On The Telegram Passcode Lock Feature

Although, #WhatsApp might be the leading one amoung all messaging app, but still, it lacks privacy features. Although WhatsApp has recently introduced some privacy features such as fingerprints lock to secure messages, yet it wasn’t convincing enough to stop looking at privacy rich messaging app.

Nothing can top #Telegram in terms of privacy. Telegram provides several data s4ecurity features for safe and secure privacy. The passcode lock is one of these features. The Telegram Passcode lock is intended to cover your chats. So you don't have to worry about anybody reading your Telegram chats, even if you leave your phone unlocked. Therefore, we will share a working way in this article to allow Telegram passcode lock. Follow the steps given below to enable the passcode lock feature.

Enable Passcode Lock Feature on Telegram

1. On your Android device, open Telegram Messenger app.

2. Once done, tap on the three horizontal lines and tap on ‘Settings’

3. Next, tap on the ‘Privacy and Security’ option.

4. Under the Security tab, tap on ‘Passcode Lock’

5. Tap on the toggle button to enable the Passcode lock.

6. Enter the passcode and move to the home screen. There you need to tap on the ‘Lock’ icon to lock the telegram app.

Now it's done, so Next time when you will open the app, it will ask you to enter the passcode. And by that we think your chat in the app will be more secured.


Images : Vocalb, Google.

Source: techviral.

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9 months ago
9 months ago

9 months ago
9 months ago
admin, i will love to ask, how can we disable some images from loading, i mean from a particular section...

9 months ago
9 months ago
i have been searching for this article, thanks for posting, it will help us efficiently...

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