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How To Use Low Data Mode On Your IPhone | New Method
3 years ago

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How To Use Low Data Mode On Your IPhone | New Method How To Use Low Data Mode On Your IPhone | New Method

How To Use Low Data Mode On Your IPhone | New Method

Are you on a data plan that is limited? Is there still no high-speed mobile data on your iPhone every month? Your shiny new #iPhone has a great picture and #video #camera. But the file sizes are large so it consumes a lot of bandwidth to back up and share?

If so, you can activate low data mode.

Apple also added a new Low Data Mode to save the amount of mobile and/or Wi-Fi data your iphone consumes, starting with iOS 13. But surely today we've found a new way to use it on your iphone, just follow the instruction given below and you'll be good.


Use Low Data Mode On Your IPhone

1. On your iphone, head to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and toggle on the Low Data Mode switch.

Turning on Low Data Mode will help reduce the amount of mobile data your iPhone uses. This is especially helpful if you’re on a limited data plan.

In the United Kingdom and other countries, the location is the same but differently labeled, You would go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options and turn on Low Data Mode.

The Low Data mode prevents wasteful use of data once it is enabled. Apps avoid the background use of data. The phone will not access emails automatically. It immediately stops iCloud backups. This reduces the audio and video stream bitrate and optimizes the bandwidth.

When you avoid needless mobile operation, a lot of data is saved on your mobile plan.

Use Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi

You may need to use low data mode on Wi-Fi networks in instances. In slow networks, this can be particularly helpful.

1. On your iphone, head to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on the network you’re connected to and toggle on Low Data Mode.

One of the disappointments with Low Data Mode is that new messages are not immediately informed. For example, you can still receive your data, such as new emails. But manually you will have to check But the regular use of your phone doesn't really affect it.

Of course, you can also allow the low data mode setting if you have an iPad with Wi-Fi plus cellular capabilities.

So, that's how you can use the low data mode on your iphone in a better way.


Images : Vocalb, Google.

Source: Groovypost.

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