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Now Android Os Can Be Installed And Run On Your iPhone.
3 years ago

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Now Android Os Can Be Installed And Run On Your iPhone. Now Android Os Can Be Installed And Run On Your iPhone.

Now Android Os Can Be Installed And Run On Your iPhone.

We're about to fulfill your dream if you have ever wanted to run #Android on an #iPhone. And because iOS works on the iPhone properly it doesn't mean that after switching operating systems you will get the same mobile experience.

Apple is in a unique position to change the app for the hardware, but we don't get a full iOS experience at the time. Google attempted to do the same with its Nexus and Pixel phones, but has yet to see even a fraction of the success Apple has seen.

Unlike Apple, when it comes to its hardware, Google does not control everything. There's a huge exception: the Pixel phone and its operating system are not a custom chip. What I am saying is that it is also difficult for Google to get Android to work on an iPhone perfectly. If you want to carry out this particular experiment, however, and if you just have a spare iPhone, you can also try and install Android. Two separate projects make it possible.

The first is the CheckRa1 jailbreak tool, which can be used to free Apple's iPhone from its shackles on Android phones. Without jailbreaking, you can't install anything not approved by Apple on an iOS device. The other is called Project Sandcastle, and it is like installing Android on the iPhone. We haven't seen Android running on iPhone for the first time, but it could be the best way to get it up and running.

On the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, 9to5Google says you could run Android best but don't expect an experience that's decent. Because Android isn't designed to work with the iPhone, several apps don't work now, and the table above shows you how much the entire interface will be missing. As you can see from the table, other iPhones and iPod touches function, but the iPhone 7 (and it's family) are the best that can run Android OS. Things could also be better in the future, but there are no guarantees that Android on the iPhone will really make it fun.

That said, we would remind you that we are not advised to use any tool in any way which may result in irreparable harm and ultimately that you are reponsible for unofficial software installation and anything during jailbreaks.

Images ©: Androidpolice.

Source: BGR.

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