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These are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for VOCALB, it’ll help you understand most of what we offer on our website 


What is vocalb.com?

Vocalb.com is a technology website/blog, where we update latest technology articles from all around the world, we worked hard bringing you closer to tech world everyday,  the latest gadgets, latest phones/smartphones ranging from android to iPhone and more, operating systems, latest tech news, simple tech tutorials, internet and much more.

check our about page for more 


What are the things offered by Vocalb.com?

As our member/user you can make money with our website, we pay you for 

  • Inviting new members 
  • Sharing our articles 
  • Commenting on posts
  • And many more


How can I earn money?

1 If you invite people with your personal invitation link and they register with it, you’ll be giving points, it is being added immediately after the registration confirmed 

2 Get paid for sharing any of our articles, you can share it to facebook, Twitter telegram and any other platform, when people followed your link and they visit our website, you’ll be giving a point instantly, just login to your dashboard, visit home page, click on any articles, tap the copy icon at the post header, your personal link will be shown, copy it.

3 Get paid when you drop comment on our articles, our system do detect false or irregular comment, if you didn’t drop a good comment you’ll not be giving any point, note that.

4 We’ll be adding more better things in the future 


When will I get paid?

You’ll be able to request payment once you have up to certain amount of point, e.g 1000 point, withdraw are processed sequentially.


What is Vocalb payment method?

We pay all users in BTC, you’ll be asked to setup your payout address before you can request payout, once you’ve done that, you can request payment and wait for approval.


What are the things that can delay my payment?

Your payment can or might be delayed if we found any inaccurate activity on your account, such as:

Note that, if we find any of this, your account might be disabled or your payment canceled.

  • Invalid or self clicks through shared post.
  • Self refer ( using your link invitation link to invite yourself and register an account) do not refer yourself.
  • Multiple bad comments on articles, if we find out any unacceptable, irregular comment on your account, your payment might be delayed, make sure you drop a good comment on our articles .




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