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Best 5 Android App To Create/Generate Icon | Free
3 years ago

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Best 5 Android App To Create/Generate Icon | Free Best 5 Android App To Create/Generate Icon | Free

Best 5 Android App To Create/Generate Icon | Free

If you use Android for a while, you might be aware of the customization of the operating system. Many Google Play Store apps are available that encourage users to tailor Android tools such as skin packs, launchers, icon pack, etc. Changing icons on Android is easy when we talk about the icons. A launcher app that supports personalized icons needs to be installed. Actually, the Google Play Store offers lots of Icon packs that give your smart phone a unique touch.

Many people create their own app icons, and you can do it as well. In this article, we will share some of the best Android icon generation apps to support you in building your own app and game icons. Let's look at Android's best Icon generator apps.

Best 5 Android App To Create/Generate Icon

1. Icon Pack Studio

Icon pack studio is an icon creator exactly, but it's an icon pack editor more. You can easily edit existing icon packs with Icon Pack Studio. For instance, Icon Pack Studio's advanced icon editor allows you to resize or move any item from custom icon packages. Not only, it's possible to add special icons such as lights, shadows, texture etc with ICON Pack Studio.

2. Logo Maker – Icon Maker

Logo Maker–Icon Maker is a custom logo and personalized icon application. The app is popular with Android users and it has many templates ready to use, which make the logo easy. You may choose to edit existing deviceicon(s) to add a unique touch if you feel lazy and don't want to create a logo from scratch.

3. Iconic: Icon Maker

Iconic: Icon Maker may be the best choice for you if you search for an Android application to build icons or favicons for your apps or website. Iconic: Icon Maker is free and offers many features to quickly and easily create icons. The app has over 5000 icon styles, personalized fonts and several export options.

4. Material Icon Maker

This app is for anyone looking for an easy way to create Android materials and minimal icons. You can select a template, enter an icon clipart and begin editing in the Material Icon Maker editor with Material Icon Maker. It enables users to export the edited icons in PNG format.

5. Simple Text

This app is designed for people looking for an application to create text icons. With this app, without using Photoshop you can easily create a set of Text icons. Simple text features include Widget support, RGB color selection, alpha transparency, back-and-front color adjustable, and so on.


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Source: techviral.

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