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Samsung's Galaxy Store Start Having Google's Apps.
1 year ago

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Samsung's Galaxy Store Start Having Google's Apps. Samsung's Galaxy Store Start Having Google's Apps.

Samsung's Galaxy Store Start Having Google's Apps.

Google Play Store is already installed on all Android devices, including smartphones and tablets from Samsung's Galaxy.  It is the principal source of apps and games for users. However, the giant internet services has now published their apps on the marketplace in Samsung's Galaxy store. This further illustrates the deepening partnership between Samsung and Google.

Google Translate and Google Wear OS are the Google apps on the Galaxy Store now. But in the days to come, we can expect to see an increased number of Google apps listed in the Galaxy Store.

Google, the maker of an Android OS on smartphones, smartwatches, tablets or smart TV, has launched its software on marketplace of other brands such as Realme.

In recent years, Samsung has submitted its homegrown applications into the Play Store. The company currently has nearly two dozen apps on Play Store.This makes updating all software on your phones from a single location easier for users. It also simplifies Samsung's ability to upgrade its stock applications without requiring a complete firmware release.

Images ©: Vocalb, Android headlines.

Source: Sammobile.

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