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Samsung ceases support for Linux on Dex
1 year ago

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Samsung ceases support for Linux on Dex Samsung ceases support for Linux on Dex

#Samsung ceases support for Linux on Dex

For several years now, total workplace efficiency from a portable docked device was like the holy grail. For example, the right dedicated and technically advanced societies.

Although major players on the smartphone market offer different workflows and desktop interfaces today, Samsung has been one of the few players who have kept true dreams alive in its entirety with #Linux on #Dex.

Okay, unfortunately, for now, that’s all about to come to an end. The Korean giant has recently sent an email to Linux participants on DeX Beta to explain it Samsung has withdrawn support to the Ubuntu distribution.

Thank you for supporting Linux on DeX Beta. The development of Linux on DeX was all thanks to customer interest and valuable feedback. Unfortunately, we are announcing the end of our beta program, and will no longer provide support on future OS and device releases.

NOTE: Linux on DeX will not be supported on Android 10 Beta. Once you update your device to Android OS 10, you will not be able to perform a version rollback to Android Pie. If you decide to update your device to Android 10 Beta, we recommend backing up data before updating.

Samsung further states that Linux support is completely removed from the Dex starting from its Android 10 beta ROMS that has already been introduced on certain phones. It leaves it unclear whether, perhaps, Samsung’s third-party OS emulation setup was using Linux to start working somehow breaks any Google guidelines or policies implemented with the new version of Android.

Whether or not this is the case, you definitely want to continue to keep regular backups of your data when you are still using Linux on Dex. Because current developments still remain on Android 9 and do not upgrade your Android OS mobile, it could still not be safe to retain the app.



Alternative means are possible for Linux, or at least a proper terminal on your mobile for the Linux-like #Android core, but nothing can be as smart and user-friendly as Dex’s Linux.

This modification only has an impact on Linux in addition to Dex, to be sure. The majority of the Android app and user friendly Samsung #desktop will remain operational.

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