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WhatsApp Is Expected To Come UP With Dark Mode, Shopping, Ads And Many More In 2020.
3 years ago

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WhatsApp Is Expected To Come UP With Dark Mode, Shopping, Ads And Many More In 2020. WhatsApp Is Expected To Come UP With Dark Mode, Shopping, Ads And Many More In 2020.

WhatsApp Is Expected To Come UP With Dark Mode, Shopping, Ads And Many More In 2020.

This was a busy year for #WhatsApp; the long awaited call-waiting feature came to show if someone was trying to reach you while talking to somebody else, fingerprint unlocking brought us a more safe alternative to passwords and several hiccups, including a bug that could delete entire group chat from a malicious message, and a flaw that meant that it was a bug that caused us.

Despite speculation earlier this year, not one of the gigantic networking apps was fusioned with Facebook WhatsApp, and Instagram. Nonetheless, Facebook has created confusion by adding its logo to the splashing screen of WhatsApp, while the three apps get closer together, while making significant adjustments behind the scenes. We expect a few big changes for WhatsApp in 2020, so here is our guide to all we can look forward to in the coming year.


Yeah, finally they're coming. The company showed a video of how it plans to work ads for WhatsApp at the 2019 Facebook marketing conference in the Netherlands. You plan to begin putting them in WhatsApp status posts by 2020 with full-screen promotions between your contact updates It is likely that these advertisements are linked into businesses ' ability to pay in WhatsApp so they can run whole stores effectively.


Ceasing support for old phones

There is a chance that the date will be pushed back depending on users ' pressure, but from 1 February 2020 WhatsApp will stop supporting several of its old Android and iOS devices. As explained on the FAQ page of the app, devices running operating systems older than Android 2.3.7 or iOS 8 will lose access to WhatsApp after that date. In essence, it means that you don't likely be able to install WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play when you have an iPhone 4 or older, or an Android device before 2011 (such as Google Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S).

Self-destructing messages

Another feature that we have been waiting for is the ability to create messages that will then be automatically deleted for better privacy after a short period of time. This is what already provided other competing messaging apps, and we know that WhatsApp has done so for a while. The feature was initially known as' Disappearing Messages,' but is now referred to as' Delete Messages.' It looks like messages can be automatically deleted after an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year, based on evidence from WhatsApp beta file install.

Reverse image search

According to WABetaInfo, which specializes in tearing down pre-release software to check for useful clues about the new features, a reverse image search tool that will help you find out where the original picture was taken in 2020. It is likely to contribute to stopping the spread of fake news across the app, much like the "frequently forwarded" warning sent out to WhatsApp users in India, alerting them if a certain message has been spread over five times (perhaps without an inquiry into whether it is true or not).

Dark mode

In 2020, the formal start of WhatsApp dark mode will finally be seen. It is crazy that the message app has taken so long to get a darker version, but the assets tucked away for beta release in the update files suggest that it is almost ready for public inspection. Finally, not one dark but two of us can be blessed with a special choice specially designed for savings on AMOLED screen apps. It also seems that you can either manually activate dark mode or switch the app to it automatically when the power saving setting of your phone is enabled.


Images : Google.

source: techradar.

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