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WhatsApp Poses A Self-Destructing Message Feature For Each Chat Again
1 year ago

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WhatsApp Poses A Self-Destructing Message Feature For Each Chat Again WhatsApp Poses A Self-Destructing Message Feature For Each Chat Again

#WhatsApp poses a self-destructing message feature for each chat again

WhatsApp seems to be reintroducing a function they scrapped last year. First seen on the WhatsApp in November last year, the Facebook-owned company limited its reach by having it only open to group chats a month later. However, the company reintroduced the self-destruct feature for individual chats in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta update.

To people oblivious, the Self-Destructing Message is a function to select the how long you want your WhatsApp messages to spent before they got deleted. you can choose among many possibilities like 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year, or you can turn off this feature. By choosing the 1-year option the messages will be held in WhatsApp for one year, while the first option of 1 hour would be one hour.

Upon setting a time limit, a clock icon appears next to the time you're sending. You will also see a message telling you that after the time limits you set the messages will be withdrawn.

image ©: mspoweruser.

WABetainfo notes that, as the company currently develops the feature, it is still not available to the public. Furthermore, you won't know when the self-destruction message feature for the public will be available.

Images ©: livemint.

Source: mspowerusers.

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Young sgold
1 year ago
1 year ago
It's an easy way

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